1. Dansuleka Agro Foods Processing Industry Free Trade Zone (FZE)
Dansuleka Agro Foods Processing Industry Free Trade Zone (FZE) is a certified Agribusiness Company whose interest is in hybrid Agribusiness Research, Production, Processing, Markets, and Distributing of Hybrid Agri-Business Products to both Nigeria and International customers and other Companies. We offer innovative and unique solutions for Agribusiness Research and Development. Dansuleka Agro Foods Processing Industry Free Trade Zone (FZE) ensures sustainability and access to quality food production, develop social services to our community, and be the leading Agribusiness Company in Nigeria and Africa at large. Dansuleka Agro Foods Processing Industry Free Trade Zoneoffers the following services:-

  • Food Processing and distribution of Agricultural produces edible oil, fruits, juice and spices and hibiscus
  • Farmers extension services by individual public
  • Suppliers of food and beverages to government and private organizations
  • Export Agricultural Products to Africa And International Countries

2. Dansuleka Metro Services Limited
Since its inception Dansuleka Metro Services Limited consolidates and diversifies its business with the liberalization of Nigerian economy. High level of flexibility has given the company a diversity of experience that helps to sustain the records of success across the whole spectrum of its business. Customer service, environmental awareness and short simple lines of communication are our business philosophy. Dansuleka Metro Services Limited has ventures its new business to exploit the high growth potentials of Real Estate Sector. The company was set with the vision of developing land, apartment with unique design, architectural concept to cover a wide demographic spectrum of customers. Extensive in-house technical and design capabilities enable Dansuleka Metro Services Limited to bring together the appropriate construction disciplines into a single team to handle all sorts of complex projects which is due to the company's skilled and highly motivated employees. Dansuleka Metro Services Limited is firmly commit to serve its clients realizes their schemes without compromising to quality standards and it builds capacities in a prudent way to meet the demand and challenges of the twenty first century.
Dansuleka Metro Services Limited is an established business of commercial scheduled buses, mass transit rood transportation services cab, and nunicab and bike services. The companies carry business of carriage, by transport and conveyance in Nigeria and aboard.
3. Metro Environmental Services Limited
Metro Environmental Services Limited is an environmental, safety, industrial, analytical chemist and public analyst company. We offer a broad range of specialized experience and skills to the oil and non-oil sectors of the economy and specialize in the acquisition of scientific data through laboratory analysis of water, soil, foods, drugs, cosmetics, solid minerals for export, environmental samples including air and ecological materials for decision-making.
4. Metro Environmental Services Limited offers policy and regulatory advisory services to environmental regulators at the Federal and State government levels as well as regional and international organizations on environmental protection and pollution control including environmentally sound waste management initiatives.
Our expertise includes investigation studies, laboratory design and training, supervision and management assistance for ecological disasters and management of Contaminated Sites including Assessment, Remediation and Restorations.
5. Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited
Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited is a personal hands-on brokerage company specifically structured to target and focus on food companies ensuring their sales and success. Our company has been personally responsible for some National and Regional brands'  foods and fruits success in the country and abroad. Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited has experienced team of professionals consists of Account Executives, Office Management Staff, and Retail Specialist to ensure complete coverage and consistent communication. Our team of Retail Specialists provides extensive store coverage throughout Nigeria to secure our items’ distribution, cut in new items and remain competitive within all stores. 
This is a top priority for the team at Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited. A commitment to customer satisfaction is further supported with an efficient, automated current food brokerage computer software and reporting system. This system allows for high efficiency in order processing, item tracking, and yearly sales comparisons.
Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited has a proven track record of success within its many years of operation and reinforces our belief that Dansuleka Metro Foods and Beverages Limited will offer the knowledge and experience necessary for the successful development of our food product lines in Nigeria and abroad
6. New World Suites and Apartment Limited
New World Suites and Apartment Limited offers well designed Housing Estates, builder for individuals, public sectors house and rooms that offer guests an excellent sleeping experience with our well-equipped first class amenities and beyond hospitality service.New World Suites and Apartment Limited provide World Suites and Apartments for the following events:-

  • Individual/ Public Housing Estate
  • Banks and Financial Estates Office
  • Wedding Dinner
  • Peoples Birthday Party
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Corporate Events
  • Outside Catering
  • Shops And Market
  • Interview/Exhibition

7. Umarco Global Integrated Company Limited

Umarco Global Integrated Company Limited is a leading Travel and Tourism, value chain development, with skill around the entire tourism and creative industry value chain grow and skill offer. The companies optimize training and organize market cultural festival, redevelop state and national park into more appealing tourist attraction.  The Umarco Company focuses, review and felicitates the passage and distribution channel and industry operator to help distribution channel through licensing of industry in Nigeria and aboard. Umarco Global Integrated Company Limited acquire and promote speedily growth of crops, vegetable, fruits, flowers and facilitate the business of livestock breeders of sales of meat, poultry, wides or fur of animals by wholesale to Traders and exports on Trade Fair in Nigeria and aboard.
8. Kanawa Chinese Tradecraft and Business Associates
Kanawa Chinese Tradecraft and Business Associates is a full-service advertising and communications firm that specializes in creating unique solutions that deliver results. With offices in Kano Nigeria, we are a carefully create team of subject matter experts offering novel solutions based on learned practices, past performance, and trade knowledge. Our approach is focused on developing marketable strategies for the distribution of engaging content across a multitude of channels between Nigeria, China and aboard. We are makers, strategists, project managers, graphic designers, public relations professionals, for Trade and business user experience specialists, engineers, media buyers.
9.Dansuleka Charity Foundation
Dansuleka charity foundation is established to promote and keep people, new women, youth and children in every life improvement in the area of humanitarian, religious and cultural focus to improve and develop the people for productive life in health, Education and philanthropic endeavors. Moreover, Dansuleka charity foundation is designed to create core programs and events for people’s economic empowerment to life people’s economic status promotion to remove them out of poverty, provide Trade and business opportunities to assist and help men, women, youth and children for productive improvement in Nigeria and other countries.
Dansuleka Charity foundation offer innovative and unique women hygienic and adolescent sensi tive youth encouragement to participate in vocational training, trading travelling abroad and self reliance to assist others. Dansuleka Charity foundation is to assist society, Association, states and nations in all life improvement in insinuate Religious functions, humanitarian job creation is security empowerment, cultural focus and economic growth for states and nations.